For some reason I have been charged when using an ATM in Thailand?
This was one of the main reasons for me getting this card in the first place, NOT getting charged at withdrawals.
Can someone please explain why this has happened?

It’s not PFC that charge you for the withdrawals, it’s the ATM in the country where you are that charge you.

PFC should make s list over countrys ATM’s that charge you or make the debitcard totally free of charge when you do withdrawals. Many people have complains due to this issue.

No, the ATM fee is already added on the total amount.
I.e. I withdrew 17000 tbh, but was charged 17220 tbh where 220 tbh is the fee, but then was charged another 135 tbh as a separate fee from PFC.

Den fre 3 jan. 2020 00:23Peter via P.F.C. Community skrev:

Ok I see. I’m looking forward to see what PFC has to say about the fee from them because it’s not supposed to be a fee, charged by themselves.

I see more and more flaws about PFC and the debitcard, I have started to look around for better alternatives.

Thats probably a fee for exceding the free withdrawal limit.
17 000 thb is about 5300 sek. The limit for free withdrawals is 3000 SEK about 9500 thb

Never saw a quoted limit to withdrawals abroad?

Den lör 4 jan. 2020 00:52Pererik via P.F.C. Community skrev:

Hi, thanks for your question about this. We do not charge for ATM withdrawals up to 3000 SEK per month. If you withdraw more than 3000 SEK per month, we charge 1.5% for the amount exceeding 3000 SEK.

When we do charge a fee, this fee is charged as a separate transaction and is clearly marked as an ATM fee. In this case, it sounds like the bank itself has charged you for the withdrawal. We are happy to help you look into this and can look at your specific case if you log in to the app and start a chat.