New Card cannot be used un Apple Store? Very disappointed at PFC

It looks like the card cannot be used on Apple Store.
I just received the codes for it on the app (not the physical card) and I could not register it on Apple Store.

That’s very bad news for me.
I had put my trust in PFC, cancelled my main SEB Debit card, and then first the Wirecard issue, then this super badly timed replacement of the cards, I have had no payment card for one week and now… I won’t be able to use the new card on Apple Store.

I had also persuaded friends to switch to PFC…
I think we can now say that the service offered by PFC is not up to modern standards anymore.

… I’ll need to find a new card provider.

Hi @Cauli
I’m sorry to hear that you are disappointed! The card should work on Apple Store, please contact our customer service in the chat in the app and they can help you investigate this further.

Of course, we also wanted the course of events to be different during the change of card provider. Our former card provider Wirecard decided to shut down their services and that is the reason why your old P.F.C. card stopped working, it is unfortunately nothing we have been able to influence.

The process of switching to our new card provider, Svea Bank, has been long and therefore we did not have time to receive the new cards on time. But now you can pre-order the new card in the app!