P.F.C. in Sri Lanka

PFC works awesome in Sri Lanka, except the contactless function. I tried to pay 2 times both times were rejected but I’m not sure if it was shop’s fault, bad connection to the bank or PFC side. Never tried again. Although both times when the contactless was rejected I was able to pay with PFC using chip.

I wish the 3000 sek limit was a bit higher because South East Asia countries are still very heavy on cash (some are more than others), in many cases in bigger chains supermarkets it is possible to pay with card, but hotels and other accommodations charge 3% fee for paying with cash (which I never do, it is cheaper to take out cash then with 1.5% over 3k sek).
The best bank to take out cash here is People’s bank, it does not charge any fee for withdrawal (so far, April 2019)

Thanks for your tips to Sri Lanka travellers! We will investigate the blip/chip problem further.

Blipp seems to be a problem, my wife tried to blip her card today and got error too, then paid with chip.